Jointing Compound

Azpects EASYJoint - All-Weather Paving Jointing Compound

Silver Grye Circle smallEASYJoint is an all-weather paving jointing compound that performs brilliantly with natural stone, concrete slabs, cobbles and setts - whatever the weather.

EASYJoint is suitable for use by Professionals and DIYers alike:

  • Professionals find that it saves them lots of time, thereby saving them money.  They know they can use it if the ground is wet, if it's raining, snowing etc.  They also know they can finish a job on time without having to return to grout and point at a later date - thereby improving cashflow and enabling them to take on and complete more jobs within the same timescale.
  • DIYers / Anateurs find it easy to use and virtually foolproof.  They can use it without the fear of damaging their lovely stone patio/path/drive by inadvertently staining or marking it by using mortar or resin-based compounds.

Features & Benefits:

  • Can be used in virtually all-weather conditions, making it an all-year-round product.  Enables professionals to finish projects without bowing to weather conditions - saves them time & money.  They can schedule more projects more efficiently throughout the year.
  • 10 to 20 times faster and easier in use than mortar jointing - also faster and easier than other compounds
  • Environmentally friendly - cement-free, resin-free - the main ingredients are natural plant oils and silica sand
  • No waste - once a tub is opened, unused product can be saved for future use
  • Brushing, then washing in results in a very strong joint with adhesion to all surfaces and the base - with no voids
  • Water permeable
  • Up to 3 tonnes loading capability
  • No kneeling and less bending required - take less of a toll on a professional contractor's back and knees