Swimming Pool Copings & Corners

Available in Indian York and Oceania with a natural finish top.

Available as:

Standard Straight Coping 600 x 300 x 30 mm
Standard Internal Radius Corner
Standard External Radius Corner
Standard Bird Lip Corner
Narrow Straight Coping 600 x 225 x 30 mm
Narrow Internal Radius Corner 
Narrow External Radius Corner
Narrow Bird Lip Corner

Roman Ends Internal Radius Copings for the following:
5' Radius (RE5) 
6' Radius (RE6) 
8' Radius (RE8) 
Other colours made to order in India


Indian York Wall Copings & Pier Caps

Natural finish top & bottom-hand pitched edges 

600x150x50 mm Coping Stone
600x285x50 mm Coping Stone
260x260x50 mm Pier Cap
400x400x60 mm Pier Cap
450x450x75 mm Pier Cap