Walling, Shingles & Chippings

British Walling & Rockery Stone

Please come & see our current stock before ordering, as natural stone always varies from delivery to delivery.
Our walling and rockery stone is now sold in bulk bags or crates which hold approximately one tonne. We can therefore only sell on multiples
of whole tonnes. 

Name Approx. coverage per tonne
Cotswold Dry Stone Walling Stone 3-3.5 square metres
Devon Rustic Walling Stone 2.5 -3 square metres
Purbeck Random Walling Stone 3-3.5 square metres
Purbeck Guillotine Cut Walling Stone 3.5-4 square metres
Cotswold Stone Rockery Stone Limestone in sandy buff
Devon Rustic Rockery Stone Slate in blue/grey & brown
Purbeck Rockery Stone Limestone in cream & grey
York Walling Stone Sandstone in brown buff


Pebbles, Shingles & Chippings

Name Size
Old English Path Stone (Breedon) Gravel
Caledonian Pebbles 20-14 mm
Caledonian Pebbles 140-20mm
Caledonian Pebbles 100x50 mm
Cotswold Horcott 40-20 mm
Cotswold Horcott 20-10 mm
Cotswold Horcott 10-6 mm
Cotswold Chippings  20-10 mm
Derybshire Limestone Chippings 20 mm
Dove Grey Chippings 20-10 mm
Mendip Limestone Chippings 20-14 mm
Silver Grey Cornish Granite Chippings n/a
Snowdonian Slate Chippings Plum 40 mm
Snowdonian Slate Chippings Plum 20 mm
Snowdonian Slate Blue/Grey 40 mm
Snowdonian Slate Blue/Grey 20 mm
Snowdonian Slate Green 20 mm
Snowdonian Slate Green 40 mm
Sussex Rounded Pebbles 20-10 mm
White Marble Chippings 10-8mm
White Marble Chippings 30-20 mm
White Marble Chippings 50-25 mm